Bucket List #15

Learn to make pasta

Now that I've retired, Chamber Pension Plan allows me to EXPLORE RECIPES!

How to Join Our Plan

There are many reasons to join the Chamber Pension Plan as your pension provider. Visit the Why Choose The Chamber Pension Plan page for more details.


As an employer, you will need to complete the New Employer Application Form and include a copy of your VALID trade and business license in order for your employees to join the Plan. 


This is used to notify the Administrator of the details of each new employer, self-employed person, and voluntary member of the plan. The completed and signed form should be forwarded to the Administrator.  Then the Administrator will contact you for confirmation of membership.


The top part of the form is to be completed by employers and self-employed members. The second part of the form is to be completed by self-employed and voluntary members of the plan. The Deed of adherence on the back of the Employer Application must be signed by employers, self-employed and voluntary members.


Employers will be required to provide specific information, such as the type of business they are involved in, the name of the principal officer along with his/her title and contact details and the effective date the employer will be joining the plan.


Click here to visit our Employer Forms page for all forms needed.