How to Read Your Statements

As an employer, on an annual basis you will receive a statement reflecting all monthly payments received into the Plan from your organisation. This statement will also include the date the payment was received as well as the contribution period the payment related to. In addition to the annual mailing, you may contact the administrator and request a statement for any specified period OR you also have the option of viewing your Chamber Pension Plan statement for any period online at any time; simply enter your user name and password on the Employer Login Page.  If you do not have a user name and password, contact the Chamber Pension Plan Hotline.

Alternatively, you can review your statement which you will receive by mail or you may also request a statement at any time from the administrator. The statement outlines the date on which your contributions were made, for which period the contribution relates and the total contributions for the periods shown.

Through your online access, you also have the ability to create your employee listing. We recommend you do this on a regular basis to obtain new member numbers and to ensure your employee list is up to date with all additions and terminations.