Do I have to stick with paying the basic contribution or can I add extra cash into my pension at any time?

Saving a bit more than your basic contribution can mean all the difference to you in retirement, so you have more to retire on.


Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) are payments that you can make into your pension that are above your basic contribution. They are flexible tools for saving as you can pay in as much as you can afford, whenever you can afford it. In addition, you can choose in which Lifecycle fund you want to invest in. Choose to save through your employer by payroll deduction, or set up a Chamber AVC account and send in your contributions as you're able. 


Saving via AVCs is straightforward – simply complete an AVC Application Form, make the extra contribution and then you can keep track of your AVC investments on a monthly basis with our useful online account access. You can also track your AVCs semi-annually, when you receive your personalised Chamber Pension Plan statement.