How can I find out how much my pension is worth?

You can check your Chamber Pension Plan statement online at any time.  If you do not have log-in details or have forgotten your password, please contact the Administrator. Click here for contact information. Alternatively you can review your semi-annual statement which you should receive by mail. If you have not received statements in the mail in over six months, you are encouraged to contact the Administrator as it is likely that our records do not reflect your current mailing address.


The Chamber Pension Plan statement is designed to provide information about your pension account at a number of different levels of detail. The Account Summary section gives you the value of your pension as at the end of the statement period. The Transaction Detail section allows you a more detailed look at each transaction that took place during the statement period, including contributions, redemptions and unit price percentage change during the statement period.


Click here for more information about How to Read Your Statement.