Cinthya Zerpa

OCTOBER 14, 2020

Cinthya Zerpa is the Deputy Manager & Deputy Money Laundering Report Officer for VBT Bank & Trust, LTD in the Cayman Islands.   As Deputy Manager she provides calculation of NAVs, preparation of financial reports and the execution of mutual fund accounting.



Cinthya, originally from Venezuela, has over 10 years in the banking and finance industry and provides a wealth of knowledge in her field. 

Professional Activities

  • Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA): Anti Money Laundering Associate (AMLCA)
  • IAS: International Accounting Standards
  • ENIAC: Advanced Techniques for the Effective use of MS Excel
  • IDEPROCOP: Program of Financial Information Standards


Masters in Corporate Tax (2009-2012)

Advanced Studies in International Tax (2010-2012)

Advanced Studies in Corporate Management (2009-2010)

Degree in Accounting (2001-2007)