Bucket List #14

White water rafting

Now that I've retired, Chamber Pension Plan allows me to SEEK THRILLS!


2017 has been a busy year for the Chamber Pension Plan, as it proudly welcomed five new additions to its Board of Trustees. 


Prior to the 6 December Annual General Meeting, Paul McGeough and Bradley Kruger were voted in to represent the Hospitality and Tourism sector; replacing Nicole Makin and Sabrina Turner.


On 26 July, Jon Brosnihan replaced William Gammerdinger in the Financial and Professional sector, whilst Ivan Narandja replaces Peter Cockhill.


The Industry and Commerce sector also received new Trustees on 15 May, with Grant Hiley taking over the role of Raul Nicholson-Coe. 


Board of Trustees chairperson, Paul Schreiner, stated: “This year we are pleased to welcome Paul, Bradley, Jon, Ivan, and Grant to our Board of volunteer Trustees. We are confident that they will assist the membership with their skills and we look forward to their contributions."


Mr Schreiner went on to explain the role of the Plan’s Board of Trustees: “Chamber Pension Plan is controlled by its members through an elected board of trustees who are all senior level executives and professionals from the local business community. They constantly monitor the performance of the investment managers, fund administrators and partners.”


The Chamber Pension Plan Board of Trustees is made up of nine Trustees who serve on a voluntary basis, and are active members in the business community, covering a variety of industry sectors.