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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees at the Chamber Pension Plan are ultimately responsible for the management and administration of the Plan. They appoint a professional Pension Administrator firm to undertake that function, delegating the day-to-day running of the fund. Nevertheless, the voluntary Board of Trustees takes on an active, hands-on role in guiding the plan, ensuring that the plan always serves the best interests of all its members.

The Board members are voted in and serve a term of 3 years. All of the Trustees are active members in the business community covering different industry sectors.

The Trustees receive regular reports from the Administrator and other service providers with regard to the operations of the Fund and they decide what actions need to be taken and what policy should be followed.

The Trustees have the power to remove and replace the Administrator if need be. They also take responsibility for issues such as determining eligibility and interpreting rules and regulations.

Board Members



             Paul Schreiner: AL Thompson’s Building Supplies
Industry & Commerce
  Jon Brosnihan: Kensington Management Group
Financial & Professional
  Paul McGeough: Hospitality & Tourism
  Bradley Kruger: Hospitality & Tourism
  Grant Hiley:  Industry & Commerce
  Ivan Narandja: Financial & Professional

Charles Dickinson: Professor of Equine Medicine, St Matthew’s University
Voluntary & Self Employed


Giosino Colaiacovo: FLOW
Chamber of Commerce Representative to the Board

Mario Ebanks: Cayman Islands Airports Authority
Chamber of Commerce Representative to the Board